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I didn’t get as much writing done this week as I would have liked too. I will explain why in my next blog. I did get some done last Sunday though that I am proud of. My friend Herbie J. Pilato has a new show on Amazon Prime, and I decided to post a review.

Herbie J has always been good to me. I first met him at one of his book signings. I bought his Bewitched book for a friend as a birthday gift. He has a number of books on classic TV that I hope you will read. Along with his new show. Herbie J is just a nice guy, and nice guys should not always have to finish last. Especially ones who work hard. So, I hope you will support my friend. Give his books and show your time. I think you will be glad you did.

Below is the review I wrote last week for his show. I am proud of it because I got it up in just a few hours. Which proved to me that I can do something on a tight deadline….


Then Again with Herbie J. Pilato

For my birthday in July my wife game me an Alexa. Which included a subscription to Amazon Prime. Which meant I could watch Then Again with Herbie J. Pilato. Herbie J and I have a lot in common. Our hometown is Rochester, New York. We both moved back to Rochester to take care of our ageing parents. Both of us watched way too much TV as kids, and we both work in television now. Herbie J just in much bigger market. Before moving back to Los Angles Herbie J was frequent guest on the morning shows here in his hometown. His love for TV has led him to author many books on classic shows. His love for the industry is enthusiastic and infectious. Take it from somebody who has had the pleasure of talking to him when he came to the local station I work at. Now you can experience it too with his show Then Again with Herbie J. Pilato.

On the surface it looks like any other chat show. Sitting on a couch a host has a conversation with a guest about memories they have about their iconic roll on a classic television show. Then Again is so much more than that. Because Herbie J is the fan in all of us. This down to earth guy asks the questions we would all like to ask if we got the chance to sit down with them at a coffee shop for twenty minutes. An example of that is the interview with Robert Conrad of Wild Wild West fame. This was the first episode I watched because the kid in me spent many Friday nights watching a show that had a bit of everything. Doing a show that was a mix of western, science fiction, secret agent, and action. Herbie J addressed this with Conrad. Which is one of the questions I would have asked. That is the key to this show. Even though he now lives and works in California Herbie J is a fan just like us. He asks the questions we would. Instead of what a producer, or research assistant, has wrote for him. Like Conrad’s memories about costar Ross Martin. I learned why Martin had to take a hiatus during one of the seasons. Also, about Conrad doing many of his own stunts.

Another episode I enjoyed was the tribute to Garry Marshall. With Marion Ross and Fred Fox Jr. Mrs. C. shared her memories about working on Happy Days. This included the final show in which Mr. C. (Tom Bosley) said thank you to the audience. Fred Fox Jr was a writer and producer. His memories include writing the famous Jump the Shark episode. Eddie Mekka from Laverne and Shirley talked about how Marshall and he came up with Carmine’s famous song every time he entered a room.

The four episodes of Then Again with Herbie J. Pilato have a little bit of everything. Comedy with the actors from My Three Sons. Soaps with the cast of Dark Shadows. Action with the Robert Conrad show, and a tribute show. Variety you might say. Which I hope will be covered in the second season. I know Herbie J has an episode in the can (Show biz talk for already shot) with Jerry “The Beaver” Mathers which I am really looking forward to seeing. Each episode is about 23 minutes and I watched two of them on my IPad during my lunch break.

When Herbie J was living here in Rochester, he came up to me in Wegman’s. Our local supermarket. He apologized for not remembering my name but did remembered I worked behind the scenes at one of the local television stations. He thanked me and told me that I was one of the nicest people he ever met. I will always remember that because I was not having a good day. Those few minutes I spent with Herbie J put me in a good mood. I hope you will let him put you in a good mood too by watching Then Again with Herbie J Pilato.

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